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§claim whatever the hell you want!
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Hey everyone, this is an open membership community where u can claim w/e u want
~the first 3 members can claim up to 10 things
~the first 5 membrs can claim up to 5 things
~the first 10 members can claim up to 3 things
~everyone else can claim 2
~u may claim the same thing as someone else IF you have there permission first!

ifeel claims~
1:conor obersts bands
2:daniel warner
3:le tigre
4:motion city soundtrack
5:numero uno photographer title
6:a new found glorys, cyrus bolooki
7: dark gap jeans with rolled up cuffs
8:being the raddest, coolest, sweetest person ever
9:steve madden shoes
10: cowboy shirts

soulentagles claims~
1. Josh Groban
2: Harry Potter
3: Daniel Johns
4: the word 'bleh'
5: the movie 'Momento'
6: the mood 'Insane'
7: the program 'Paint Shop Pro'
8: Type o Negative
9: Superstition that when your nose itches, someone is coming to see you
10: Clove cigarettes

nocturnalvision claims~
Games: Final Fantasy 8

1,2~Characters: Rinoa and Rikku
3~LJ Users: Bootzkitty *waves*
4,5~Bands: 3 Doors Down & No Doubt (yay!)
6~Animes: Chobits
7,8~Items: Rose & Moon
9~Word: Mweeee!